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In the Heat of the Night

7.8 Aug 02, 1967 9.385 views

An African American detective is asked to investigate a murder in a racist southern town.

The Male Gaze: The Heat of the Night

8 Jul 15, 2019 7.606 views

When darkness falls, temperatures rise in these six stories about late night confessions, intimacy for sale, high speed hookups and full moon frissons. But when the sun comes up and reality reveals itself, will it have all been worth it?

Justine: In the Heat of Passion

5 Jan 01, 1996 1.737 views

This edition of the sexually charged series The Adventures of Justine is titled In the Heat of Passion. The story involves Justine daydreaming about her teacher, Professor Robson. He then invites her to join him on his travels throughout the world.

The Heat of the Day

0 Jun 09, 1989 0.6 views

In World War II England, a woman is approached by a man claiming to work as an intelligence agent who has found out her lover is a spy. He promises to not arrest him if she'll have a relationship with him.

In the Heat of Passion

0 Jan 01, 1992 0.6 views

A struggling actor lands the part of a rapist in a TV reenactment for a "Crimebusters" segment. He soon meets a beautiful rich woman whom he begins an affair with, even though she is married. Her husband soon finds out and is accidently killed. The two lovers cover up the crime, but the actor begins to wonder if there's more going on than he knows.

In the Heat of the Night

7.5 Mar 06, 1988 8.325 views

In the Heat of the Night is an American television series based on the motion picture and novel of the same name starring Carroll O'Connor as the white police chief William Gillespie, and Howard Rollins as the African-American police detective Virgil Tibbs. It was broadcast on NBC from 1988 until 1992, and then on CBS until 1995. Its executive producers were Fred Silverman, Juanita Bartlett and Carroll O'Connor. TGG Direct released the first season of the series to DVD on August 28, 2012.


6 Oct 04, 1980 2.315 views

Heathcliff is an animated TV series that debuted on October 4, 1980. It was the first series based on the Heathcliff comic strip and was produced by Ruby-Spears Productions. It ran until September 18, 1982 with a total of 25 episodes, under two different names.

The Heat Is On

0 Dec 31, 1969 0.6 views

The Heat Is On is a BBC talent show that was a regular fixture on the Saturday night schedule between 1990 and 1994. The show was originally hosted by comedian/impressionist Bobby Davro, with his catchphrase of "They're in heat, so vote with your feet!" sweeping the nation. Davro left the show in 1993 after a Sunday tabloid published an expose on his cocaine-fuelled prostitute orgies. Despite this setback though the programme continued to be a ratings winner and the show was nominated in six categories at the Baftas ceremony later that year. After continuing with a succession of guest presenters the show was eventually cancelled in late 1994, after an unfortunate incident during filming for that year's Christmas special. Producers of the show have included former presenter Chris Kelly. Notably, a six year old Dylan Mills appeared as a performer on the show. His five minute act included an array of circus skills.

Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin

0 Dec 31, 1969 0.6 views

Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin is a television, cooking show hosted by Gerry Garvin. The show previously aired on Sundays at 6:00 PM on the TV One network.