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The Secret Life of Brian

7.3 Jan 01, 2007 1.26 views

A documentary about the making of the controversial Life of Brian and the surrounding accusations of blasphemy.

The Secret Life of Geisha

0 Jan 01, 1999 1.341 views

Documentary about the world of the Japanese geisha. Unattainable by all but the wealthy and powerful, geisha are the ultimate massagers of the male ego. Behind the delicate fan and enigmatic smile can also be found a darker side to the geisha story, including treachery and suicide. The program's nar

The Secret Life of the Zoo

5.2 Feb 02, 2016 3.637 views

Chester Zoo is the most popular zoo in Britain. This observational documentary series uses micro-rig camera technology to capture, in incredible detail, the remarkable behaviour of the animals there.

The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs

9 Sep 15, 1974 0.6 views

The Top Secret Life Of Edgar Briggs was a 30-minute British television comedy series created by Bernard McKenna & Richard Laing and produced by Humphrey Barclay for LWT. It was transmitted on the ITV network 15 September - 20 December 1974 and featured David Jason as the inept Edgar Briggs, personal assistant to the Commander of the British Secret Intelligence Service who, in spite of his cluelessness, manages to solve case after case. It has been likened to the earlier American series Get Smart.

Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke

2 Feb 21, 1999 0.962 views

Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke is a four-part miniseries that was first broadcast on CBS in 1999 starring Lauren Bacall and Richard Chamberlain. It was based primarily on the book The Richest Girl In The World: by Stephanie Mansfield as well as Bob Colacello's two in-depth articles about Ms Duke in Vanity Fair. Colacello was the magazine's authority on Doris Duke. The title of the series was derived from the book Too Rich: The Family Secrets of Doris Duke by Pony Duke and Jason Thomas. Manfield's book was the first to be obtained by CBS, which optioned it for a planned miniseries in early 1995. The Duke-Thomas book, which was "being peddled as a miniseries" by the authors months before publication, was originally optioned earlier that year by the producer Doris Keating, who planned a miniseries of her own. Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke presents a dramatized account of the life of the heiress, philanthropist, and once richest woman in the world, Doris Duke. It has since been re-broadcast on The Hallmark Channel, and on Lifetime combined together and presented as a 192 minute movie. The film stars Hayden Panettiere as young Doris Duke, Lindsay Frost as 20 to 50 year old Doris Duke, and Lauren Bacall as an elderly Doris Duke. Bacall, who had met Doris Duke a few times, was pleased to have been able to appear in a TV miniseries, devoting a few paragraphs to the experience in her autobiography.

The Secret Life of Couples

8 Oct 01, 2017 1.82 views

Sexologist and therapist Sofia Prado, director of an institute of alternative therapies, has to deal with her own emotional disorders, which she hides from everyone. From the revelation of one of her patients, the specialist becomes involved in a dangerous network of corruption.