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Gabriel's Passion

0 Aug 07, 2008 0.6 views

In a small hamlet in the Colombian mountains, a newly appointed padre Father Gabriel finds himself torn between his spiritual calling and his desires for a young woman named Silvia, while also trying to protect his congregation from being drawn into the increasingly violent battles between the government military and rebel forces that surround the town.

The Passion of Jeronimo

0 Aug 03, 2016 0.6 views

Jeronimo is a production assistant on a movie set. He notices a problem on the set and he decides to propose a solution. His plan fails. Jeronimo is punished so he decides to take revenge.

Maria Elena's Passion

7 Jan 01, 2003 0.621 views

The son of María Elena, a Rarámuri woman from the Tarahumara mountains, is killed when he is run over by a white woman who is declared not responsible. Because of this María Elena moves to the city of Chihuahua. María Elena has her own way of ordering the world so as to get on with her life.

Veronica Videla's Passion

0 Sep 03, 2014 0.6 views

Veronica is a transvestite who has two passions: to study psychology at the University and to live peacefully in Mendoza. These ambitions are challenging for her due to the existence of article 80 of the Misconducts Code which prohibits transvestites from circulating freely on the streets. Her life is further complicated when she is not allowed to enroll at university for being a transvestite. Veronica has to solve the dilemma of her complex sexual identity.