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A Twelve-Year Night

8 Sep 20, 2018 9.415 views

Uruguay, 1973. Having been crushed by the military dictatorship, surviving members of the Tupamaro guerillas are imprisoned and tortured. They must find a way to endure the coming 12 years.

The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman

5.7 May 17, 1971 1.327 views

Elvira is travelling through the French countryside with her friend Genevieve, searching for the lost tomb of a medieval murderess and possible vampire, Countess Wandessa. They find a likely site in the castle of Waldemar Daninsky, who invites the women to stay as long as they like. As Waldemar shows Elvira the tomb that supposedly houses the countess, she accidentally causes the vampire to come back to life, hungrier than ever. Daninsky has a hidden secret of his own, but will it be enough to save the two girls from becoming Wandessa's next victims?

Night Across the Street

6.3 Feb 13, 2013 1.722 views

A drama centered on an office worker on the verge of retirement who begins to relive both real and imagined memories.

Night of the Seagulls

5.8 Jan 01, 1977 2.624 views

The Knight Templars return in this fourth installment of the Blind Dead seris. On this outing, the Templars haunt a fishing village, where they rise seven nights every seven years to claim their sacrificial offerings in return for the safety of the townspeople.

The Night of the Sunflowers

6.1 Aug 25, 2006 2.029 views

The body a teenage girl is discovered in a field of sunflowers. At the same time a travelling salesman watches the events unfold on television, whilst in the small village of Angosto the discovery of a prehistoric cave brings excitement and the arrival of an experienced geologist, his young fiancé and his assistant. The town police chief plans his retirement, while his deputy dreams of escaping the boredom of his marriage and his job... Through a series of shocking events, the lives of these people become entangled in a web of violence, betrayal and murder.

La Noche del 10

0 Dec 31, 1969 0.6 views

La Noche del 10 was an Argentine television show hosted by Diego Maradona.