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Holy Camp!

7 Jan 09, 2018 6.624 views

María and Susana, two rebellious teenagers, spend the summer in a catholic camp. While they are grounded during a weekend, the most unexpected arrival in the most unexpected way will change their feelings about life, love and freedom.

The Call

0 Aug 21, 2014 0.809 views

Lázaro Escarze, an 87 years old revolutionary Cuban man, lives in a small village and will have his phone installed for the first time in his life. To whom will he call?

The Sweet Sound of Death

0 Sep 28, 1965 0.6 views

Pablo is in love with Dominique, whom he wants to marry. The girl leads them to a cemetery, where she convinces Pablo that should either of them die, the other will return and help them prepare for the afterlife. She leaves Madrid on a vacation in Bretagna, and dies en route. Pablo receives a call the next day. It is Dominique.

The Call of Sex

6.5 Jun 25, 1977 0.6 views

A man finds a woman that reminds him of his long lost love: his step-sister with whom he initiated his sex life. But he is married and his wife wants proof of the cheating to get a divorce.

Wisdom of the Gnomes

10 Oct 04, 1987 0.6 views

Wisdom of the Gnomes is an animated series produced by Spanish company BRB Internacional about Gnomes. It was a spin-off of the series The World of David the Gnome. It was based on the books The Secret Book of Gnomes by Wil Huygen. Other sequels, both in serial and movie form, were The Great Adventure of the Gnomes, The Gnomes in the Snow and The Fantastic Adventures of the Gnomes.