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6.3 Mar 20, 2015 27.594 views

Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart.


6.3 Oct 06, 2009 1.246 views

Insurgentes is the new documentary film about Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) directed by Lasse Hoile. Porcupine Tree are currently enjoying massive success across the world with their latest album, The Incident. Insurgentes is a musical road movie that follows the making of his solo record of the same name, and is a portrait of an increasingly rare artist who works with music and media out of love and not for fame and fortune, persisting in making art on his own terms in a world where 'throw away' mentality is increasingly becoming the norm.

Soul Thieves

4.9 Oct 01, 2015 1.726 views

In 1815, during the Mexican Independence movement, a group of soldiers fighting for Spain take shelter at a ranch where a group of sisters support the other band, the insurgents who are fighting for freedom.

Reed: Insurgent Mexico

4.7 Jan 05, 1973 0.6 views

A dramatization of John Reed's newspaper accounts of the Mexican Revolution. Considered the first real film in Mexican cinema to be made on the Mexican Revolution.


5 Aug 16, 2012 0.6 views

Through the reconstruction of crucial historical moments in the long struggle of the Bolivian Indians in search of the recovery of lost sovereignty, due to the Spanish colonization and the oppression of their descendants the republican Creoles, is rescued from official oblivion several indigenous heroes who shone with their own light in that extraordinary feat that culminates with the rise of an Indian to the Presidency of Bolivia.