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Fist Power

0 Jan 01, 2000 1.128 views

Cheuk is a mainland security officer who's thrown into a race against the clock when he discovers a man is holding an entire school hostage in exchange for his adopted son, so it's up to Cheuk to use his formidable martial arts skills to retrieve the boy and bring him back before the man decides to kill everyone.

Sam Chuk

0 Aug 06, 2009 0.6 views

Based on a true story, "Sam Chuk" exposes 7 teenagers in a neighborhood called Sam Chuk, whose lives are entangled with troubles and devastated by using drugs. Their local teacher is seriously concerned the drugs problem and begins to cope with them by giving them a chance to prove themselves.

Shark Busters

7 Nov 28, 2002 0.925 views

TC Lee, a senior policeman whose mounting debts are making headlines in the local press. Lee's not the only person in trouble at his police station, where a handful of colleagues are paying off the bank or worse, are becoming locked into repayments to gangland debt collectors. When Lee and his colleagues become caught in the loan sharks' spiraling interest charges and organized pressure tactics, they become vigilantes and fight back.

Chuk and Gek

4.5 Jun 06, 1953 0.734 views

Followed by his two sons, Chuk and Gek, an engineer-explorer heads for a geologists'camp lost in the Ural white wilderness. He plans to spend New Year's Eve there with Chuk and Gek, among his fellow-colleagues. However an undetermined incident has caused the occupiers to leave the place. When, to their amazement, the three adventurers discover the empty camp, they realize that they don't have enough food to return immediately and that they will have to join forces to survive for a few days without any outside help...


4.8 Jul 23, 1967 3.24 views

A group under siege at an Army fort grapple with painful memories.

Official Chukyagiri

0 Sep 06, 2016 0.663 views

Official Chukyagiri - is about an intern, and we see the corporate world from his eyes- like the ideals that he comes with after doing his MBA, and the real world out there and all the learnings that he has from his books and his teachers, and how the big bad world is so different.