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Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh

7.4 Oct 23, 2018 5.281 views

Adam Sandler takes his comical musical musings back out on the road, from comedy clubs to concert halls to one very unsuspecting subway station.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler

6.1 Oct 26, 1999 2.184 views

Before he was Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky, The Waterboy, or Billy Madison, Adam Sandler was doing Saturday Night Live playing hilarious characters and singing hilarious songs like the Hanukkah song and Christmas song. Watch Adam act in his own star studded way as Canteen Boy, Cajun Man, Opera Man, and much more!

Going Overboard

2.6 May 11, 1989 3.401 views

A struggling young comedian takes a menial job on a cruise ship where he hopes for his big chance to make it in the world of cruise ship comedy.

Eight Crazy Nights

5.2 Nov 27, 2002 7.479 views

Adam Sandler invites you to share some holiday cheer in the new, no-holds-barred musical comedy Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights. Davey Stone, a 33-year old party animal, finds himself in trouble with the law after his wild ways go too far.

Adam Sandler: What the Hell Happened to Me?

0 Jun 29, 1996 0.6 views

Live performance from June 29, 1996 in Chicago of Adam Sandler with a live backing band supporting his newly released comedy album, "What the Hell Happened to Me?". Originally aired as an hour long special on HBO.