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Rose (2012) Full Movie

7.5/10 by 2.3 users

This harrowing tale of survival centers on Rose, a Masurian woman, whose German soldier husband was killed in the war, leaving her alone on their farm. A single woman had no defense against Russian soldiers who raped as a form of revenge, nor against plundering Poles who found themselves in desperate straits. Help arrives for Rose in the form of Tadeusz, a former officer in the Polish Home Army who deserted after he saw his wife raped and murdered by Russian troops and is attempting to hide his identity.

Duration90 minutes
Release DateFeb 03, 2012
Genres, ,
Production Company, , ,
Production CountriesPoland
LanguageDeutsch, Polski, Pусский
Plot Keywords, , ,
Agata Kulesza
Róża Kwiatkowska
Malwina Buss
Jadwiga Kwiatkowska
Jacek Braciak
Kinga Preis
Eryk Lubos
Andrzej Konopka
Lekarz Leliwa
Piotr Sobociński Jr.
Director of Photography
Marek Zawierucha
Art Direction
Krzysztof Zanussi
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