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Compulsion (2008) Full Movie

5.3/10 by 1.676 users

A beautiful young woman with every privilege except freedom. A despised older man with nothing except his obsession. Are they the key to one another’s salvation? Or are they destined to destroy each other and themselves? Having just finished a degree at Cambridge, Anjika Indrani (Parminder Nagra) has the world at her feet. However when her father announces that he intends for her to marry the son of his business associate, Anjika is angry and distraught at the unfairness of it. Then help is offered from an unlikely corner. Her father’s sinister chauffeur Don Flowers (Ray Winstone) proposes a way out… but it comes at a cost.

Duration93 minutes
Release DateMay 04, 2008
Production Company
Production CountriesUnited Kingdom
Plot Keywords
Ray Winstone
Don Flowers
Parminder Nagra
Anjika Indrani
Jane How
Bhasker Patel
Ranjit Sharma
Veena Sood
Chris Wilson
Ambulance Paramedic
Sarah Harding
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