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Splendid Outing (1978) Full Movie

Splendid Outing
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An important figure in society, Gong Do-hi's schedule is so tight that she could lose herself in it. At the point of collapse and feeling confused, Do-hi hears of her past life from a fortuneteller one day. Afterwards, Do-hi drives like crazy speeding along the highway into a city where she is guided by a madwoman and so starts her splendid outing. Do-hi lives with her so-called husband, Yong Dal-ho and their seven-year-old daughter, Jin-young. Ultimately, she secretly rows her boat and leaves her home. When she reaches Seoul, no one knows Do-hi. Therefore, she goes up to the roof of her building and jumps off. Suddenly, everything becomes silent. When Do-hi opens her eyes, she is back in her car. Do-hi returns to the highway. Not knowing what is what...

TitleSplendid Outing
Duration95 minutes
Release DateMar 10, 1978
Genres, ,
Production Company
Production CountriesSouth Korea
Plot Keywords, ,
Kim Soo-yong
Kang Seok-hie
Original Music Composer
Cha Jeong-nam
Director of Photography
Lee Kyeong-ja
No In-taek
Art Direction
Kim Tai-Soo

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