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California Indian (2011) Full Movie

California Indian
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Nick Thomas, a Pomo Indian and a successful Los Angeles radio host, is forced back to the reservation to help his brother Chi, and tribal leader Rich Knight lead the Tule Lake Rancheria out of danger from a seedy casino investor. At risk is whether the Native American Tribe members decide to accept a payment for instant gratification, or retain rights over the Casino project for a long-term benefit. Based on a true story and actual events at the Pomo Indian Tribe reservation in Northern California. The struggles inherent on reservations today are depicted in this true to life drama transcending current stereotypes of modern Native American culture to showcase the depths of the heritage that thrives today.

TitleCalifornia Indian
Duration minutes
Release DateNov 20, 2011
Production Company
Production Countries
Plot Keywords
Gary Farmer
Rich Knight
Mark Boone Junior
Jonathan Jensen
Timothy Andrew Ramos
Nick Thomas
Gil Birmingham
Charles 'Chi' Thomas
Julia Jones
April Cordova
Emil Zidek
Todd Garrett
Dennis Banks
Jaime Boggs
Casino Tribal Leader
Fiona Byrnes
Party Girl
Clayton Duncan
Andre Dupont
Steve Eggie Elliot
Elmer Ellis
Steve Eggie Elliot
Elmer Ellis
Suna Flores
Front Desk Attendent
Chris Eyre
Michael Huens
Laurie Kinzer-Ramos
Executive Producer
Timothy Andrew Ramos
Executive Producer
Marcos Loya
Paul Barrera
Steve Gatlin
Duane Allen Humeyestewa
Director of Photography
Peter Fuller
Paul Renner
Scott Christopher Clark
Production Design
Roland G. Ludlow
Art Direction
Laurie Kinzer-Ramos
Costume Design
Sunny Nelson
Costume Design
Morganne Newson
Costume Design
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