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The Night and the Moment (1995) Full Movie

The Night and the Moment
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The Night and the Moment is a 1995 erotic drama. A writer (Dafoe) is invited to the house of a noblewoman (Olin) who adores free-thinkers. He attempts to seduce her but she insists that he tell her of his past love exploits. While doing so, he takes her through his time in prison where he was unknowingly incarcerated in the cell beside hers.

TitleThe Night and the Moment
Duration0 minutes
Release DateJul 05, 1995
Production Company, ,
Production CountriesUnited Kingdom, France, Italy
Plot Keywords
Willem Dafoe
Lo scrittore
Lena Olin
La marchesa
Carole Richert
Jean-Claude Carrière
Il governatore
Axelle Cummings
La cameriera della marchesa
Clifford De Spenser
Il marchese
Ivan Bacciocchi
Guardia carceraria
Ennio Morricone
Original Music Composer
Gabriella Pescucci
Costume Design
Giuseppe Rotunno
Director of Photography
Ernst Goldschmidt
Executive Producer
François de Lamothe
Production Design
Richard Cunin
Production Design
Anna Maria Tatò
Anna Maria Tatò
Jean-Luc Russier
Makeup Artist
Patricia Planche
Makeup Artist
Glenn Aveni
Executive Producer
Pierre Novat
Chantal Giuliani
Set Decoration
Arianna Attaom
Production Design
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